Time for some Colorado Handyman ® Chili!


Let's eat!

Colorado Handyman ® Chili Recipe:

3 lbs. of ground Turkey (the kind that comes in the tubes 93% meat and 7% fat. If it is any more lean, it won't taste right or work properly. If you want it Kosher, use Empire brand Turkey, or equivalent.

One Onion cut into 1/8 inch cubes...or smaller

One Green Pepper cut into 1/8 inch cubes...or smaller.

One small can Green Chiles (diced).... I use mild

1/2 half a bottle of your favorite Salsa (8 oz.) I use Hot, but you don't have to.
One package Taco Mix

Two or three cans dark red Kidney Beans... DON'T drain the juice in the can.... It is going into the Chili.

Two packages Carroll Shelby's Chili Kit ®

One 28 oz. can CRUSHED Tomatoes (don't toss the can right away)

Here we go:

Squeeze the turkey out of the tubes into a BIG (which will hold everything pan)' and throw in the Onions and Green Pepper with it. you want to brown the Turkey. Water and fat will build up in the mixture... This is a good thing, because it starts breaking down and softening the Onions and Pepper. Let it cook until the Turkey is done.... Extra time helps the veggies..... Once you are satisfied with the turkey mixture, dump I all into a colander and let the juice go down the drain.... Do NOT rinse the mixture... Just dump it back into the pan. Take one and one half of the Chili spices and dump them in. (The red spices, not the Cheyenne or Masa, or salt). That would be one and one half packages. Dump in the Taco seasoning, the green chiles, the kidney beans (with the can juice), the Salsa, and the can of crushed Tomatoes. Take the can and fill it with water and pour it in......make the whole thing soupy at first... The water will evaporate with time. Bring it to a boil and then Lightly simmer it for a couple of hours and watch the consistency as you go along. When all is good, I used a package of the Masa flour to thicken the Chili and add that flavor to the works.

Then throw in a package of the salt...

The flour needs to go in last so it doesn't scorch......and of course, anything with Tomato in it can burn easy, so be careful with the heat....

I hope that you enjoy it.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask.. It is an easy recipe.